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Hikikomori Neoprene Laptop Sleeve (white/black)


A growing phenomenon in Japan, the hikikomori shuts themselves in their room, shunning society. This t-shirt features the word "hikikomori" with the phrase "do not disturb" in Japanese.

These sleeves provide a soft padding for your laptop or netbook. Great for adding an extra layer of protection inside your bag or while carrying it around, and the smooth exterior surface adds style.
-Large single pocket zips closed
-Check the available options for the size that best fits your laptop.

Keep in mind design size may vary based on the size of sleeve you purchase.

10.2 - fits tablets and netbooks with up to 10.2 inch screens
13.3 - fits netbooks and laptops with up to 13.3 inch screens
15.6 - fits laptops with up to 15.6 inch screens

Choose an option:
Hikikomori Neoprene Laptop Sleeve (white/black)

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